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Have you ever considered the cost of placing your company’s ad on the top of a Taxi Cab, up on a Billboard, or on the side of a City Bus? Production costs alone can run into the thousands of dollars. Then the commitment of a long term contract makes it almost impossible for a Small Business to get their ads in front of their potential customers.    

Starting at Only $10 per Day

  Get your ad in front of your customers  starting at $10 per day. A Digital Ad that you can edit anytime of day. A Dynamic ad that allows you to test different campaigns in order to target your potential audience at the street level. An affordable entry point to an expensive market.    

How Does It Work?

  · You create a :15 second digital ad using your favorite editing software

 · Send us a copy of your ad via email attachment

 · We will format your ad to fit our screens

 · Pay your $10 fee

 · We will place your ad in our ad rotation on one of our Ad Shark Mobile Billboard Platforms on the route

 · Upon completion of your campaign, we will send you a detailed report of the CPM    

What Does $10 Get Me?

  · Forty 0:15 second ads in our daily rotation 

· An average of 7 views per impression

 · An average CPM of only 0.05 cents  

  Each :15 second ad has 7 verifiable impressions. This equates to a CPM of .05 cents for our customers. Compared to Clear Vision Advertising’s taxi topper CPM of .98 cents, we are a better deal with far superior technology and a more attractive platform.      

Bike Ad-Vantage

  The Ad Shark Bikes are able to travel on the streets and sidewalks. This brings your message to the street level. Think about the number of consumers at sporting events, conventions, concerts, or festivals. Michigan avenue averages over 16,000 pedestrians in a 10 hour day. Get your ad in front of your customer today.

Need Help Designing Your Ad?

  We also offer ad design services. We can even design your ad at your place of business starting at $100 per ad.    

Sample Ads

This is a sample of the type of advertising quality you can expect.

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